RMGT 1060 ST (straight press)


Model 1020 model 1060 model
Max. printing speed 16,200 S.P.H.
Max. sheet size 740 x 1,020 mm 750 x 1,060 mm
Min. sheet size 360 x 540 mm
Max. printing area 730 x 1,020 mm 740 x 1,050 mm
Paper thickness 0.04 – 0.8 mm


The RMGT 10 ST (straight press) was developed based on mechanisms offering proven rigidity, an inking device and dampening system that provide exceptional printing quality, and a seven o’clock cylinder arrangement with double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders. This high-performance press boasts the latest state-of-the-art printing technologies.

  • Simul Changer fully automatic simultaneous plate changer can change the plates for all units in just 75 seconds.
  • Simul Changer and Simul Changer Parallel allow simultaneous plate changing on all printing units in the fast time (option).
  • Easy maintenance, including a function to quickly and easily check the roller nip
  • Sheet transfer system’s unique air management technology ensures smooth sheet transfer all the way from the feeder to the delivery section.
  • Multi-mode dampening system switches the dampening mode according to ink coverage required.
  • Press information display with a large 55-inch screen enables the operator to easily monitor printing quality and operating status in real time from the delivery section (option).
  • Inline printing control of printing sheets including a quality inspection function, a printing density tracking function and an automatic register adjustment function is available with PQS-D (option).
  • Continuous printing of multiple short-run work without sampling printed sheets is possible with Smart Assist Printing function (option)
  • Blanket cleaning time is shortened to further enhance efficiency of job changes.